• Friedensengel, Munich
    21km away from Mobility Holding HQ

    The #1 independent platform for automotive flat rates in Germany.

    Serving private and corporate customers.

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  • Clara-Zetkin-Park, Leipzig
    429km away from Munich

    Connecting the old world of automotive retailing with the new world of online.

    From on-site purchasing to online retailing.

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  • Kölner Dom, Cologne
    575km away from Munich

    From vehicle purchasing to usage. Serving the customer appetite for flat rate.

    One monthly rate that includes most vehicle costs.

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What makes us unique?

The eight elements that form our strategic business offering.

Proven and sustainable business model

A holding company committed to flat rate, with a sustainable business model through recurrent income.

Above market average growth and profitability

Addressing mobility trends: implementing subscription models and a new digital sales channel.

Broad and unmatched customer access

Access to a broad customer and user base granted through our B2B and B2C business portfolio.

High degree of automation and digitalization

Tools for scalability and high business performance, complemented by customer experience.

Resilient risk profile due to very low customer risk

Risk further mitigated by high buyback quotas and re-marketing channels.

Independent, scalable re-financing capabilities

Funding secured through established lenders with stability on control regulations.

Experienced first and second level management team

Leaders in leasing/financing, car retailing and multi-industry ‘online’ business models.

Privileged access to multi-brand supply sources

Access to a network of automotive partners and services resulting in unique products and services.

Our investors

  • Mobility Holding is backed by the strength and heritage of Hg, a leading global private equity investor with 25 years of experience.
  • Mobility Holding has a solid equity base, plus a diversified and scalable refinancing structure.

  • The company’s growth ambitions can be achieved both organically and through acquisitions.


Bastei Bridge, Lohmen
503km away from Munich